My basement is about to get a major cleaning. I plan to throw out piles of papers I have hung on to for way too long. Lots of broken toys, unfinished projects and even some curbside treasures that didn’t turn out to be quite as golden as I thought. So it’s Goodwill or the dump with the lot of them!

Songs are often packed full of things that are not advancing the cause. To communicate effectively we have to let go of the less important parts. This form is better at delivering emotion than almost any other, but too many words, chords or notes and listeners check out quick. There is something in a song we all are trying to get at that goes all the way back to your original inspiration. That thing — let's call it a hook — can get lost as we struggle to finish our song.

We will try to find this elusive concept together in the Spring Songwriting Clinic. Like last fall’s very successful gathering. it will take place at Third Sector Creative. The sessions usually last 1½ to 2 hours. As always. there will be an assignment each week and the for the first one please bring a song you’d like to finish that you might be stuck on.

Where: Third Sector Creative, 2310 N. 68th Street (entrance at the back of the Tosa Yoga Center building, upstairs)
When: Six weekly sessions starting April 1st at 7 pm
Price: $200 for six sessions
What should I bring? If you play an instrument other than the grand piano, bring it, especially if it’s an acoustic guitar. Paper, pen, and a recording device if you have one. (Smart phones are perfect for this)

Gift certifcates are available!

jsieger@wi.rr.com  –or–  414-520-5355