All By His Lonesome

John has a lot of songs — he's in no danger of running dry at the moment. Semi-Twang, his main outlet, is only able to record some of them, and the same goes for Greg Koch, his prolific pal. What’s a boy to with all this material? A solo career is born of necessity, here are some of the titles:
A Walk in the Park with Greg Koch
The latest and the greatest. It has it's own page, because it is the newest — read about it here.

Live at Bob's
Working backwards, this house concert recording from 2009, is the only live performance. It features solid support from John’s long-time brother, Mike Sieger, on bass and high-lonesome vocal harmonies and fret magician, Bill Dwyer, a friend from John’s Nashville days. They turned in a beautiful performance that night at Bob Druker’s house. (Bob, no slouch as a songwriter, has also toiled in the fields psychiatry for most of his life.) Adding harmony on a few songs is Kelli Gonzalez, from The Subcontinentals, whose voice, a combination of gravel and honey, exudes

The Subcontinentals The Early Years
Kelli Gonzalez, Mike Sieger and John Carr were in a band with John called The Subcontinentals, and released a collection called The Early Years. They shared an obsession with soul music and singing harmony. This band was just about as much fun as you can have on a stage and the CD reflects that.

The Shaming Of The True
This one started in Nashville, at Steve Allen’s studio with Phil Lee on drums. One of the songs on it, Nashville 2 Part Tragedy, features Rosie Flores, the rockabilly queen who channels Dolly as well as anyone ever will. With some great songs co-written with Michael Feldman, host of PRI’s Whad’ya Know?  

Her Country
Featuring Springfield MO’s finest, The Skeletons, this is the first and so far, only collection made up entirely of Sieger/Feldman songs. Produced with Skeleton-In-Chief, Lou Whitney, at his home base, The Studio, in Springfield. That band features the amazing guitarist, D. Clinton Thompson. The rest of the band are equally great and have worked with everyone from Dave Alvin to Jonathan Richman.

El Supremo
Produced in Nashville by Mike Poole and Joan Besen. Up in Canada, where country music is allowed to have a brain, Joan was a member of the Juno (Canadian Grammy) award winning Prairie Oyster. Mike has produced BR-549, among others. Add some great musicians like Dave Jacques (John Prine) and Gurf Morlix (Lucinda Williams and many others) and you have a pretty listenable collection!

Quiver, started out as Semi-Twang’s second Warner Brothers album. Somewhere along the line, that changed and it became a solo project on the Chicago label, Recession Records.  Produced (except for two tracks) by Mike Hoffman of Semi-Twang at Violent Femme Victor DeLorenzo’s studio, Joe’s. It was written in a desperate flurry and the songs still stick, with a poignancy that reflects that turbulent time.