15 Don't Knock The Mockingbird 1

Here is an unlikely suspect—the mockingbird. Are people picking on him? Or her? Not really. It's a wonderful and pretty little bird that never quite makes it this far north. It has a reputation for plagiarism, I don't know how true that is. In music, it's always a fine line between homage and theft. I rose to the defense of this defenseless creature when I lived in Nashville and my memories of what I was thinking are sketchy at best. I do remember making myself laugh a little when that line came to me —it reminded me a little of Give Paris One More Chance, a song I love by Jonathan Richman. That one seemed like a protest song with no real purpose. There's something absurd about defending Paris — isn't it one of the most beloved and romantic cities on earth? You're preaching to the choir, Jonathan... Give Kenosha one more chance! When my song came together, it sort of lost that aspect and became more of a metaphor for singers, musicians and songwriters. It sounded, I almost hate to say, poignant to me. Good thing you can't throw tomatoes on the internet, but there you have it.

AuthorJohn Sieger
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