01 A Handsome Man 3-22-09

I love the title – it's classic Michael Feldman. As is the second verse: "Take a look at your average con - he's ugly without fail." Has this expression been around and I just never heard it? Or has M.F. coined another one? I'll ask him and update when I find out. Update: I couldn't tell from his cryptic response, so I'm going to claim authorship of this dazzling quip. It's hard to argue with the sentiment in this song, though it probably shouldn't be called a sentiment. More like the cold, hard facts. Statistics show attractive people earn more... look it up! Even the Onion has chimed in with the headline "Supermodels Have Banner Year." Should this song be sung by a handsome or a homely man? It would strike me as funny either way. Mr. Handsome could have a sense of out-of-touch entitled outrage and the nebbish could be making excuses for poor performance. Maybe it could be in a musical with verses from both and that way reveal a universal truth. (I certainly have high hopes!) I like the lushness of this particular demo, the music seems pretty enough to avoid incarceration and the guitar solo came out quite snarky.  Till we meet up again tomorrow, remember to stay handsome, it almost always works out!

AuthorJohn Sieger
CategoriesTune Du Jour