01 Bad Checks

This is a co-write with Robbie Fulks. If you aren't familiar with Robbie, you are missing out on a truly entertaining experience. He is a great singer and writer and his performances are legendary. I'd like to say this is the dumbest thing he ever wrote, but he might disagree. The kernel for this one is the phrase "Whip me, beat me, make me write bad checks," which I saw scrawled on a bathroom wall in New Orleans a long time ago. I thought it was good advice and a good title. Robbie is a gifted enabler of bad ideas—if you are going to run your train off the tracks he will be right behind you stoking coal. With his help, I was able to finish this and manage to capture what I think is a bit of New Orleans feel. We play this one in my band The Subcontinentals and it will probably be on our next recording.

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AuthorJohn Sieger
CategoriesTune Du Jour