19 AKA Therese

This is a demo and sounds like one. Just me, an electric guitar, a bass and a cheap drum machine. Nothing fussed over, but you get the idea. The lyric is by Michael Feldman, which means his brilliant ideas come out of my mouth for a change. I guess that makes him my personal Cyrano, although my nose is every bit as big as his.  I love the idea of AKA Therese—she uses different names in different cities. Sounds like a tough cookie. If I get a better version of this, I will post it—until then it lives in a folder where I keep songs for the next Subcontinental CD. Sing along:

Her mama was working in a canning plant

Her daddy was state police

She raised hell as she raised herself

AKA Therese

Rose she was down in New Orleans

In Memphis it was Mary Louise

By Lexington it was no longer clear

AKA Therese

I can't call her by her name

Ain't that just a doggone shame

She never told me what it was

Where she's from or what she does

She married but she never took their names

She had her own self to please

If you loved Rose you loved Penelope

AKA Therese

© 2010 Feldman/Sieger Strum & Drang BMI

AuthorJohn Sieger
CategoriesTune Du Jour