01 A Twenty-Two Or A Forty-Five This song is a day old. It's a demo, just me and my guitar gently weeping. It is nowhere near a finished or polished performance, but I like the feel. Never fired a gun myself, in fact I've done things to raise money for handgun control in the past. I'm no fan the NRA, the people who brought you John Lennon's death, not to mention countless thousands of others. And yet, when you put a gun in a song, it sort of adds narrative heft. Gangsta Folk. This guy lives in a tough little factory town and walks around under a cloud of resentment. Maybe he'll go postal — you can sort of tell he doesn't like his boss. Maybe he'll move to the country and join the Tea Party. He makes a good song character. I'm going to work on my finger picking and get a definitive version to post at a later date.

AuthorJohn Sieger
CategoriesTune Du Jour