04 Long, Long Night This song could be slotted into a category called "Wrestling With Dylan." It may not sound like Bob to you, but it dates back to the early nineties when I was going through a Dylan obsessive phase, which I think I'm still in. Every writer has to deal with his presence – for a little guy he takes up a lot of space. Not acknowledging the mountain of Bob on the popular music landscape is just foolish. He's there, deal with it and get back to what you do if and when you're finished.  So back to the song... it's kind of what it is, a relationship off the rails, trapped in a long headache of a night that threatens to go on forever, it's what I call a kiss-off song. Though it's called Long Long Night, I thought it would be better to keep it short but sweet, the song clocks in at 2:07. No lyrics today, but I was happy to squeeze "Feels like the night of the living dead" in there!

AuthorJohn Sieger
CategoriesTune Du Jour