01 Do Unto Others 9.27.10 In honor of all the bible-thumpers who had a big day yesterday, here's a little golden rule. This song will be on my next solo CD, tentatively called Close Quarters, in a more polished form. More about that later. That's me on basic piano and nylon string guitar — the poor man's Randy Newman. I had these lyrics vetted by my friends, The Queens of Harmony, Milwaukee's finest a capella gospel quartet. I was worried that they might offend, but they gave me the green light. They also may be singing on the finished version. Cross your fingers, cause that would be heavenly!

P.S. Being new to this blogging game, there will be refinements as we go along. First one will be songs at the top of the scroll. Music first, blather later, I always say.

AuthorJohn Sieger
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