From the vaults, where it has lived for a few years, Ladies & Gentleman: The Spirit Of Drunkeness! This could have been written by a leprechaun if he was an American. I had stashed it away for several reasons, the main one being, it's a little pushy. Nobody likes an aggressive drunk and this song has been over-served. Let's not let that happen to you tonight—it's one thing to go out and have a bit of fun and whole other thing when you wake up the next town over and you're peeing green! The lovely little slide part is Steve Allen playing through a Califone portable record player. These are the old AV models from school. They have an input jack, so they can double as guitar amps. It would be a terrible idea to use one on a gig, but that cheap cheap sound is fine for a song like this. Blasting away on drums is Nashville's very own leprechaun, Phil Lee. The rest is moi abusing my Line 6 Pod, which can imitate everything but talent. I like the slide-y bass line, it makes me woozier than a night of green beer. Happy Paddy's Day to you.

© 2011 John Sieger

AuthorJohn Sieger
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