This clinic we’ll go back to the basics. So important and somehow so forgettable! It’s important to knock the rust off and revisit your original points of inspiration — my job is to help you do that.

If you haven’t been in one of these classes, no sweat. The atmosphere is loose and informal. Anything that might pressurize the room is frowned on and we keep the critiques gentle and positive. There will be five weekly assignments — many students find the deadline helps and you might too. This is not school though, so if your dog eats your homework, we understand.


Six Wednesdays: October, 29th – December 10

No class November 26

7:00 p.m., class typically runs about two hours


2310 N. 68th Street in Wauwatosa

The office of Third Sector Creative

Entrance is at the back of the Tosa Yoga Center building.


An instrument, if you play. That probably means a guitar. Don’t worry if you don’t, we’ll help out. Something to write on, something to record with if you have it. These are the tools of the trade! Nowadays, most smart phones have very nice little memo apps that sound as good as early Walkmans. Bring an idea or a finished song or two and we’ll have something to listen to for our first get together. 

FEE: $200 cash or check, payable first week.


Space is limited, so please register in advance. or (414) 520-5335