Ten Hut! It's Spring Boot Camp!


We all know what we avoid is what we probably need to work on the most. This class will try to address our tendencies to always go for the familiar and comfortable, thus getting results that, predictably, are kind of predictable! That’s not the way we progress, though. Sometimes we need a bit of tough love!


That’s why I’m calling this session Boot Camp — it’s all about discipline in the service of fun. Who wants to enlist? It may be more challenging, but as always, it will also be done in the spirit of trying to help each other out of the six foot ruts we tend to fall into. It will involve some self-examination, so come prepared to talk about the things you feel need help.


To tailor this class to individual needs, I think we have to dispose of the one-assignment-fits-all approach. What I’m suggesting this time around is spending part of the class discussing the areas that concern more than one member of the group. Then we can go around the horn, dealing with each individual, their unique skills and challenges. A group brainstorm will help us come up with a simple challenge for each participant. For one, it might be write a one chord song. For another, it might be use more repetition in the lyric.


This will be an amateur version of group therapy and a non-military exercise in discipline rolled into one. I’m hoping that we can stimulate some growth and still have some fun doing it. Be sure to wear some sturdy shoes, cause we’re going to drill!


WHEN: Six consecutive Wednesdays, from March 30 to May 4th.

WHERE: Third Sector Creative above Tosa Yoga on 68th and North.
For those who haven’t been there before, it's on the second floor and the entrance is in the rear.

THE FEE: $200.00 for the six sessions. Please pay in full at the first session if you can.

And bring a song, old or new, borrowed or blue, to remind us of how great you are. Or bring us a really bad one to remind us how funny you are.

RSVP ASAP jsieger@wi.rr.com