Mike Murphy died about a week ago. If you didn't know him, you should have. He was a drummer with great time and a very solid back beat. You could call him confident. We ran in circles that occasionally overlapped, but for the most part, he was closer to jazz and jazz rock. He usually played with the best of those guys in town, including Sweetbottom. He was also in the last edition of Semi-Twang before our extended hiatus and we recorded together. He was the skin-man for two songs on my first solo project, Quiver, playing with his customary swagger. I am posting one from that called The Tender Zone, because Semi-Twang has just taken another crack at it for our next project, and my brother Mike reminded me he was on it.

Mike left behind a lot of saddened friends, a lovely wife and daughter who loved him. A lot of us are scratching our heads, wondering how it can be, that a guy who gave so much joy is now gone. In a while, and in a way that always seems evolve slowly, we will remember the good stuff — his swashbuckling looks and sense of humor. I look forward to that.

AuthorJohn Sieger